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  • Hansen Angus Ultrasound Day–Trying out a Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    It was a chilly day to ultrasound but the team got it done! Ultrasounding helps us determine our bulls ribeye size and IMF (Intra Muscular Fat). 6059 Hans Recharge (a bull on our upcoming sale) had a ration of 155 on his IMF!

  • Son of SAV Pioneer with 18.7 Ribeye!

      Here at the Hansen Angus Ranch we are getting pretty excited about our upcoming annual bull sale! The bulls are looking great on the lot, and we received a pleasant surprise in the mail today, our ultrasound results. We had a son out of SAV Pioneer whose ribeye scanned an 18.7!

  • 8th Annual Black Angus Bull Sale

    Continuing the Hansen Angus tradition of quality bulls, Travis is selling about 20 Black Angus bulls at the 8th Annual Hansen Angus Ranch bull sale on Tuesday, March 11. There will also be a benefit auction for the Dethlefs family starting at 1:00, proceeds from the first bull sold will go to Craig and Laurie Dethlefs. For those that may have missed it Travis's dad, Lawrence, had a dispersion sale back in November 2013 selling off his registered Black Angus cattle herd and is now one step closer...

  • 7th Annual Hansen Angus Ranch Bull Sale

    Schaff Angus Valley Ranch in my opinion has the best type of angus cattle I have seen to date. Because of their quality genetics, the last couple of years and years to come the majority of our semen purchases will be out of S A V bulls. This type of cattle has great depth of body, volume, thickness, and more.

  • 2013 Sandhills Cattle Association Ranch Tour

    On January 19, 2013, 175 people toured 5 ranches on the 23rd Annual Ranch Tour put together by the Sandhill's Cattle Association. We were honored to get to be one of those ranches. Shortly after lunch, we began to see the vehicles drive up our driveway, our kids were awed by all the people and cars!

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