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  • Use of AngusSource® EID Tags in our Commercial Cattle Herd on the Horizon

    We will soon be using AngusSource® EID Tags on our commercial cattle. The use of these tags are becoming more and more essential in livestock management, and sourcing the livestock that are processed for food and more. (CLICK ON THE ARTICLE TITLE TO READ FULL ARTICLE)
  • Heifer Calf Crop for 2010 February Sale

    We had a successful heifer calf sale at the North Platte Livestock Salebarn this year! The prices were right and we saw prices higher than we have for heifer's in years. Not only were the prices good, but we landed in the top of the market that day with our sale of our heifers. (CLICK THE ARTICLE TITLE TO READ MORE)
  • Hansen's Steer Calf Crop 2009

    We successfully sold our Winter 2008- Spring 2009 black Angus commercial steer calf crop on the RFD network (satellite television) through Superior Livestock Auction again this year. Click the title to read more!

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