About Our Nebraska Cattle Ranch

The Hansen Angus Ranch is owned by Lawrence Hansen. Hansen Angus Ranch is managed and maintained by Lawrence's youngest son, Travis. Travis is married with two daughters and he is committed to doing all that is possible to create quality market cattle and bull sires.

With the help hired hands, and support and help from family and neighbors, their cattle ranch operation continues to prosper and produce quality raised beef cattle, bull sires, and herd replacements.

Annually, they raise and sell Registered Yearling Black Angus Bulls at the North Platte Livestock Auction. Their sale is typically in early March (usually the second Tuesday). If you would like to be on their catalog mailing list use the form on the contact page and they will make sure you become a part of their yearly bull catalog mailing list. You can also catch their bull sales via

The Hansen Angus Ranch steer crop sells on satellite broadcast by Superior Livestock Auction in the fall. Lawrence and Travis have sold their calves this way for several years, and typically top the market each year because of the quality of calves they produce. In the past, they had a committed, private buyer that bought their steer calf crop sometimes sight unseen, for 16 years until his retirement.

The cattle ranch also sells their raised heifer calf crop in the late winter months, and have sold them both privately and/or through North Plate Livestock Auction. Each year they have satisfied buyers and also keep many of their own heifers back as replacements in their own cattle herd on their central Nebraska ranch.

AngusSource® Steer Crop...

  • AngusSource® Steer Calf Crop

    "AngusSource® is a USDA Process Verified Program for Angus-sired calves that documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics."

    Currently only our steer calf crop are currently enrolled in the program.

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  • Dispersion Sale Decision

    For over 20 years, my family has been producing high quality registered Angus cattle. My dad, Lawrence, bought our first registered Angus cows out of Montana back in 1996. Desiring the genetic traits that most cow/calf operators look for, is what led us to our interest in the registered market.

  • Hansen Angus Ultrasound Day–Trying out a Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    It was a chilly day to ultrasound but the team got it done! Ultrasounding helps us determine our bulls ribeye size and IMF (Intra Muscular Fat). 6059 Hans Recharge (a bull on our upcoming sale) had a ration of 155 on his IMF!

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